It has never been easier to share your business card.

Save trees, reduce CO2 emissions and avoid waste of time.

Increase your digital image.

Share and update with anyone

  • Never without business cards
  • Any change immediately visible to anyone
  • Direct communications
  • Add personal notes with search function

Fast and easy

  • Make and change in a few moments
  • Store between existing contacts
  • Exchange easily via QR code
  • No app needed
  • Communicate directly to all media

Digital, Green and innovative

  • No waste of paper
  • Improve your digital image
  • New way to communicate promotions

Increased business success

  • Keep customer contacts when employees leave company
  • Attach promotional texts with alerts
  • Add personal information

80% cheaper, 100% smarter and better

It's that easy: 

Step 1 : Choose from dozens of layouts and add logo and information

Step 2 : Send to employees who complete personal information

Step 3 : Confirm and start sending immediately