• What is for free and what not?

    The use of the Cardmil app is for free.

    Cardmil for Business is not for free. This is a web application manage centrally all the digital business cards in your company.

  • What is Cardmil for Business?

    Cardmil for Business is a platform for companies to manage centrally all the digital business cards of their employees

    The administrator of the platform manages the content and distributes the business card. When the employees download the Cardmil app they will immediately receive their digital business card. Employees can immediately send their digital business card to anyone.

    Changes in businesscards will be managed by the administrator (e.g. address, job-title promotion) and are immediately visible on the businesscards.

    If an employee leaves the company, the administrator can reallocate the contacts to other employees in the company. Customers will know immediately who their new contactperson is.

  • How do I send my digital business card?

    Press on the cardmil logo in your contactoverview. Select the card you want to send.

    You have 2 options:

    • Generate a QR-code for fellow Cardmil users. Someone who already has installed the app can quickly and easily scan your QR code. After scanning, you immediately exchange your cards.
    • Send card to non-Cardmil users. With this option, you can send your card as an image via email, sms, WhatsApp, Messenger etc. Your contact will always receive your digital business card, without having to download the app.
      When you choose to send bij email, a personal link will be sent together with the image. When the recipient clicks on the link, he will be able to download the app for free. After downloading the app your contact will immediately store end see your businesscard. If your contact decides not to download the app, het can easliy store your details in the directory of his smartphone.

    With Cardmil you are assured that your contact will store your contactinformation correctly


  • How can I add contacts in my Cardmil?

    You can’t add contacts in your Cardmil app by yourself. You can invite your contacts. You can do this by sending your QR-code or personal link.

    Everyone who scans your QR-code or clicks on your link, will be send to the store. After downloading, they immediately receive your digital business card. You also receive their digital business card. From that moment on, this person is in your Cardmil contacts.

    Your Cardmil contacts are persons who have the Cardmil app and with whom you have exchanged your digital card with.

  • Does my contact also need to have Cardmil before he/she can see my card?

    No, you can send your digital card as an image via email, WhatsApp, Messenger,… Your contact receives your digital business card as an digital image and doesn’t need to have Cardmil to see your card.

    When your contact downloads Cardmil, he gets your card in the app. If you change something on your card, your contact will immediately receive a notification and immediately see your adjusted card.

  • Why does my card have 3 sides?

    At Cardmil, every digital business card has 3 sides:

    • Side 1 is the logo side. Here you can add a logo, picture or text.
    • Side 2 is the side with all your contact info. Here you can choose between different kinds of templates.
    • Side 3 is the side with your profile picture and biography. This is the picture that will show in the list of contacts. This way it is easier for your contacts to look you up and recognize you. In the biography you can add something about yourself, your interests, product or service. You are also able to add a link to your social media profiles on this side.
  • How do I add my company logo on the logo-side?

    To add your logo on side 1, you have to e-mail the logo to yourself. Open this mail on your phone and save the image on your phone. Now you are able to select this image from your smartphone and add it on side 1 of your digital business card.

  • I want to adjust the lay-out of my info-side. how do I do this?

    By default your card will always have the first template. When you want to adjust this, you click on “My Cards” at the bottom of the menu. An overview of all your digital business cards will show. Select the card that you want to adjust and choose “adjust card”. After this you go to “info” in the top menu. Choose “adjust template”. Here you can choose between several templates. For some cards it is possible to select the background colour and text colour yourself.

  • What can I add to my biography?

    • Something about yourself
    • Something about your company
    • The opening hours of your company

    When you adjust something here, your contacts will receive a notification that you have made an adjustment. That way, you can indirectly send a notification to everyone that is in possession of your business card.

  • Can I create more than 1 card?

    At Cardmil you can create as many cards as you like. By default there is created 1 basic card. If you want to create a second card, go to “My Cards”. On the right top you select “+” to create another card.

  • What is 'Create QR-code / link'?

    You can create a QR-code or personal link by going to ‘My cards’. When you click on ‘Create QR-code / link’, you will see a unique QR-code and a unique link for your digital business card.

    When someone scans this QR-code or clicks on the link (regardless of whether this person has Cardmil or not), he / she will receive your card.

    • If the person who scanned your code or clicked on your link does have Cardmil, your card will immediately appear in his/her contact list.
    • If the person who scanned your code or clicked on your link does not have Cardmil yet, he/she will be sent to the right store. After downloading, he/she will receive your business card.

    You can share this link or QR-code via different channels. That way, it is even easier to distribute your digital business card.

    Thanks to this function, it’s possible to share your digitals business card via eg. WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook etc.

    TIP: Add your QR code and personal link to your e-mail signature. Or use this image and link it to your personal link: 

  • How can I send a chat message to a contact?

    Go to your list of contacts in the Cardmil app and search for the digital business card of your contact. Look at the contact’s card to whom you want to send a message and then click on the speech bubble on the right top of the screen. Now you are able to chat with your contact.

  • How can I sort my contacts from my contact list?

    Your contact list is sorted by default by first name. You can select under “settings” how to sort your contacts. You can select first name, last name or company.

  • How can I contact my Cardmil contact?

    Go to the business card of the person you want to contact. Here are several buttons to get in touch with your contact. You can call, mail, go to the website, navigate to the address, open the social media profiles, …